Monday, April 30, 2007

links of interest, today's food

Look at this article I found! I would call it awesome, but it's not really - more just extremely locally and topically relevant:

Also, yet another person doing the food stamp experiment - nice to see that so many others have given this a whirl:

Today's food:
Breakfast: whole wheat bagel, cream cheese = estimated 75 cents, orange juice = estimated 35 cents, Earl Grey tea with soy milk and sugar = estimated 40 cents
Late lunch/early dinner: small veggie pho at Pho Than Brothers (damn, will I miss eating there for a while) = $4.20
Late dinner: homemade burrito with cheese, beans, sprouts, sour cream, salsa = estimated $1, small glass of Naked juice Green Machine = free to me (probably 25 cents value)
Total spent: $4.20
Total cost: $6.70
Total value: $6.95

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