Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Starting in May:

1. Are we going to post every day our expenditures? (I hope so. It'll help keep me honest.);
2. Sarah mentioned that we can't have people take us out for dinner. Is that still the rule? If so, then can we accept free food from friends? Or with wabi the free box from Cait's parents. Off course, you can pretend that you buy it and just incorporate your share of the box into the cost of food for May.

It may make sense to post our grocery bills/wk and the over the counter items/day. As the cost of items bought in bulk might be difficult to gauge, e.g. a glass of milk.

If we are going to start at zero and not use previously bought groceries, it might be a good idea to start using up your perishables.

My apologies if Sarah has already gone over this. I'm kind of new to the world of blog.

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