Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So, let's begin.

Ok, so I think we are starting officially living off food stamp allocations next Tuesday?

I'll report what I had yesterday, just for good measure.

1) Morning, steamed milk with almond in it, 2 dollars.

2) Lunch- prepackaged oatmeal, tea, apples. All purchased communally by the house, so I have no idea how much I personally paid for this lunch. But I will estimate that this was a five dollar meal.

3) Dinner- hot chocolate, three bites of left over thai food, a bowl of spaghetti with corn, tomato sauce and cheddar cheese, a handful of snap peas. The hot chocolate, spaghettie, corn, tomato sauce and cheddar cheese were billmonk purchases. The snap peas are gifts from Caitlin's mom. The thai food was leftover from a dinner Mike bought me. I'm going to estimate this to be a 7 dollar meal? Maybe?

4) Dessert- my friend Kim took me out for dessert at B&O. I had more hot chocolate and a slice of lemon cream pie. This came to 11.50, which Kim paid for.

Ok. Today, Tuesday the 24th.

Breakfast: Grapefruit juice, (purchased by Anna and David on Sunday). Cheerios, which I bought awhile ago and bill monked to the house. Milk, which was also purchased by Susan and bill monked to the house.

Afternoon snack when I got a headache: Trail mix that Mike bought for our train ride to Portland, and 1/2 of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, all of which also was from what Mike bought for our train ride to Portland.

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