Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wednesday: Breakfast: Bowl of cinnamon toast crunch w/delivery milk+coffee - <$1.50?
Lunch - some horrible cafeteria pasta & broccoli slop + coffee -$6.25
+ lentils, rice&yogurt from home; orange (from the box) - probably no more than $2.00
Dinner - DICK'S DELUXE yeah dog & fries - $3.50
Late night snack: cinammon toast crunch! - <$1.00
Total: ~$14

Breakfast: bowl of joe's o's ($2 a box) with milk (local, hormone free, delivery) and strawberries (organic, from the box)
coffee from uganda.
I estimate this breakfast was ~$1.50
Snack: apple (organic, from the box) ?? $0.50?
Lunch: Croissant sandwich at school + crackers + coffee = $7.10
Snack: a friend gave me a cookie in exchange for carrying his tubs of brains (really). This is the sort of thing that I would definitely still accept during the experimental month.
Dinner: Haven't eaten yet, but probably pasta ($0.80/bag) & sauce (<$2.00 jar) from TJ's, with a little cheese - $1.00/meal
Probably a bowl of cereal later on: <$1.00

TOTAL: $11.00

I usually only buy lunch at school ~once/week. Clearly that will have to change. Pasta and sauce, lentils and rice, and cereal on sale or from TJs are going to be staples, I think.
Also, I get free dinners through my grad program about once a month, and through other school-based routes a few more times, and I usually bring tupperware so that it lasts for a few more meals. I'll probably keep that up; exploiting free food seems different than being taken out by friends.

As for this house, we should talk with Jay and Susan about suspending or decreasing the box and the milk deliveries for the month. I don't want the food to go to waste, and don't think it would be fair to use them. Oh also, I already paid for food for the weekend I'm going camping, which was like $15 or $20 for the weekend. I'm not going to deduct that whole amount, since I paid for it before the draconian measures, but I'll just deduct $10 from that week's total budget, so I'm not funneling saved money towards later in the week, if that makes sense. So, $27 for week 1 for me, $37 thereafter.

Not sure yet what my rules will be about restaurants & friend's houses. Definitely limited but not sure to what extent yet - total or with a few exceptions.

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Sarah O said...

Oh, that's a really good idea about decreasing the amount of milk/vegetables that arrive! I hadn't even considered that as an option. But yes, let's do that.