Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Man, all our guilty food secrets are coming out:

Yesterday, lunch-

Ham sandwich, orange juice, hot cocoa. David paid for all but the hot cocoa. I think he paid about 6 dollars all together? I paid a dollar fifty for the hot cocoa.

Dinner- was really late. A vegetable lasagna that cost 3.57, and a bowl of cereal, which I will estimate cost maybe fifty cents all together. I also ate three bites of the lentils in the refrigerator. I think they were made by Cait, probably bought by Bill monk- I have no earthly idea how much I would have paid for them.

Today, so far:

Breakfast, more cereal (cinnamon toast crunch, on sale for 4 for ten dollars. I'll go home and figure out how many servings per box) with 2 per cent milk.

Lunch: A V8 juice (1 dollar 15 cents on sale at the convienence store near work), a piece of chocolate a coworker gave me, lots of water, apple from our fruit bowl.

I'll figure out how much the apple cost too.

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