Sunday, May 6, 2007

free food, cheap food

thought to myself on Saturday morning, "man, am I jealous of Ellen and Sarah, getting free food from work. wish I could get free food." two hours later, about a dozen pizzas arrived. since this was the last weekend of the rush job that I have been temping to help out with, they fed us to boost morale (a lot of people seemed to be pulling overtime). today it was sandwiches (had to throw out some meat) and chips. I do love free food.

channa masala, a super cheap Indian dish, can be made from this recipe:
cost: $1 of potatoes, $.70 of onion, $1.38 of chickpeas, $1 of tomatoes, $.50 of rice, and various spices and condiments, for a very filling dinner for 2 plus leftovers for 2. total $4.58 / 4 meals = $1.145 per meal. takes about an hour to make if you preboil the potatoes while prepping the other ingredients (I spent 10 minutes hunting for garam masala, myself). totally worth it. one of the tastiest dishes I have ever made, remarkably similar to the restaurant version (except maybe not quite as pretty, I chop my veggies all haphazardly).

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