Friday, May 4, 2007

So, it really really hit me, again last night, how much I use food to socialize.

Last night after class I wanted to hang out with my friend Nikki, and she wanted to get some pizza, so we went to Hot Mammas. Now, the pizza there is super cheap per slice, and I could have at that point eaten it and still have been well within budget- but the whole "no prepared foods" thing was quite present. So I just drank water while she ate, and it felt really weird to me. I'm totally not anti pizza! I like pizza a lot, in fact! And I was hungry!

Tonight I'm going to spend time with my friend Justin- he will probably have food there. Saturday I'm going to my friend Anna's birthday party, which will have food there, and then to my friend Jen's Cinco De Mayo party- with more food! I really think that I need to reconsider my personal no eating at friends to make it less extreme. Like, maybe, no dinners or whatnot at friends, but if I'm invited to a birthday party or something like that, eating is allowed? Because otherwise- it's just really awkward.

And again, the thing that really sticks out to me is how lucky I am to have friends who can afford to express their generosity with food.

On the other hand, in terms of not buying lates, hot chocolates, or dinner out- I'm really enjoying that. I'm really enjoying the austerity of my meals.

Also, today: cheerios with strawberries and milk (mix it up!), lunch was provided at work ( a grossly over mayoniosed submarine sandwich), and dinner will be lentils and rice and tomatoes and feta cheese at home. I'll figure out exactly what it comes to then. But thus far, a fifty cent breakfast.

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