Thursday, May 3, 2007

I was verrrrrry hungry when I got home last night. Also, very tired- it was past midnight, Mike and I had gone to see a concert, after I had had a busy food bank day and two hours of belly dancing.

I had a tuna fish sandwich on an English Muffin- 66 cents total.


This morning, the same breakfast as yesterday.

Lunch was some canned soup (tomato, pasta and sausage) from QFC, made in my office. 1.69 cents. It was also gross and way too high in sodium. I also drank some V8 juice (88 cents, on sale), making my sodium intake for the day complete.

Snack: an apple, approximately 50 cents.

Dinner will wait until I get home at 8. Tonight I'll need to make a big batch of spaghetti and sauce or lentils and rice or something.


Tomorrow will be in some ways an easier day for me, food wise. Breakfast and lunch are provided at work.


Already, I miss coffee shops.

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