Wednesday, May 9, 2007

social distortions

I have not been keeping up with this project very well.
But I also just bought my first groceries since maybe 10 days ago.

Explanation: I vowed at the beginning of this project that I would not let friends take me out to eat, but I would eat free food provided at work, and I would not turn down invitations to dine with family, although I would not take food home with me.

As it turns out, my brother's girlfriend is in town, and it was a Jewish holiday on Sunday, and so I have been spending a lot of time with family. Come to think of it, between rafting over the weekend and all the time spent with family I think that this evening was the first time I had to come up with dinner for myself since last week sometime, and dinner consisted of yogurt and granola because I was not in a cooking mood.

Shopping list since last monday:
Bananas, yogurt, lemons (for hummus I have yet to make), some tortillas, tahini, cucumbers, garbanzo beans, frozen berries, granola, eggs, red pepper spread, frozen edamame, tofu, carrots, oatmeal, granola. Most food purchased at TJ's. Carrots bought at Asian market in Little Saigon.

I do not know precisely the grocery bill since last monday (30th April) but I believe it to be around $24.

Breakfasts have consisted of bananas or yogurt mixed with frozen fruit/granola. Lunch has consistently been an ENORMOUS fuji apple from a fruit vendor in Pike Place Market (the grocer no longer weighs the apples, but just charges me $1. 8 apples add $8 to total, bringing total since Monday before last to $32.

I realize two things in the midst of this:
Thing the first: Unwilling to compromise meals with my family has really skewed this exercise.
Things the second: When I am really busy (I have been really busy) I forget to eat.

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