Tuesday, May 8, 2007

new beginnings

yesterday TJs spinach lasagna. 1.99. still diggin it. still cheap. last night. sausage (1.05), roasted red pepper (fancy leftover from picnic) 1.30, applesause .30, two rye crackers .25. and hot cocoa .45. 5.34

today i was at work and my body demanded oj. ba bye 2-. i'm fighting off the sick. lunch lasagna 1.99. and for dinner: sausage (1.05), applesauce .30, milk .30. 5.64

that's over for both days (5.28/day), but i'm hopin to make it under tomorrow and the next with pb and jelly. or mac n cheese.

it also means that i can't have frozen blueberries and milk. suffer suffer.

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