Monday, May 7, 2007

Super Quick Post (more later):

This weekend:

Friday night, I had spaghetti and sauce and beets and milk. It was a strangely, absurdly satisfying meal.

Saturday I took my food stamp holiday- I didn't actually eat very much at all, but I had two socialization events that I had committed to providing food for- cake for Anna's birthday and Mexican Lasagna for Cinco De Mayo at Jen's house. Mary helped me make both of these, and I took her out to lunch in between events, which came to 17.89 for two. Then, later, Mike and I split a pizza and some ice cream, which come to about 14 dollars for two.

So, one more food stamp holiday left.

Yesterday I had spaghetti for breakfast, a tuna fish sandwich for lunch, and lentils with rice for dinner. Today I need to do something about vegetables. I miss them in my diet.

Shout out to Erica for the recipe! That looks delicious! I think I'll try it next week, after my lentils and rice (I basically made enough to last me for all my meals this week, in case I don't feel like making anything) are gone.

Additional purchases: Cheese and sour cream, for a total of 12.00. Ideally to last me the month.

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