Wednesday, May 2, 2007

So, I figured out that if I was spending 37 dollars a week on myself, then for the month I would be spending 148 dollars. As of yesterday morning, I had spent two dollars on cheerios, two dollars on milk, and about 80 cents on canned tomatoes. For lunch, I grabbed a box of on sale mac and cheese (50 cents), used half of my canned tomatoes, and some of my milk (no butter).

I went shopping at Safeway for some provisions. i had intended to do the shopping for two weeks, but a serious barrier was that, not having a car, groceries can be *heavey*. I ended up laming out and calling Mike to ask him to pick me up, but that was after I'd already bought the groceries, so I ended up not getting some of the more necessary, but bulky/heavy things.

Purchased items:

Cream of wheat (on sale) 4.19
2 cans red kidney beans, on sale, total 1.76
10 lb bag of rice- 3.87
Canned beets 80
Safeway peanut butter- 2.00
2 2 lb bags of Safeway lentils, on sale, total 1.38
Safeway spaghetti, 6 lbs, 2.98
Hunts Canned Spaghetti Sauce- 1.48
Low sugar orange marmelade-3.57
Unsalted butter, darigold- 4.29
Whole Wheat Bread- 1.79
English muffin (6 count) 1.19
1.41 lbs bananas- 1.11
1.78 lbs yellow onions- 2.65
garlic-50 cents
2 lb peeled carrots- 2.99
4 lbs strawberries-3.49
3 cans of tuna fish at 1.98

Total 42.02

So, that means I have spent 47.32 cents on food for the month, and have about one hundred dollars left.

Today I had:

My regular cereal (cheerios (20 cents), milk (ten cents) with bananas (18 cents). That was 48 cents total. Also had an english muffin (19 cents) with some butter on it (maybe five cents worth of butter? I need to figure out how many teaspoons are in 2 lbs of butter!). So the grand total for breakfast was:

72 cents!

For lunch I had a tuna fish sandwich (1/2 can tuna fish (33 cents), 1/4 of an onion (33 cents), pepper (no idea, this is something I'm going to continue to use from our house), 2 slices wheat bread (14 cents each).

I also have some carrots and strawberries that I'll nibble on all day. Probably 30 cents worth of carrots and 50 cents worth of strawberries.

I've also had lots of free tea at work.

For dinner I'll have two peanut butter and marmalade sandwiches, more strawberries and carrots, and a v-8 juice that I'll buy at the store for 1.15 cents. The sandwich will probably cost 24 cents all together.

Thus bringing the total of food I'm prepared to consume or have consumed to: 3.65

I also realize I did not bring enough food to keep me from being realy, really hungry today.

Lots of water. Live and learn.

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